Despite Controversy Gabbar Is Back Continues Setting New Benchmarks

Gabbar is Back

Gabbar is back, the latest movie starring Akshay Kumar is creating already a big sensation. The main crux of the film story is targeting the corrupt officials. It seems that the movie Gabbar is back and the Gabbar played by the superstar Akshay Kumar is going to hit the screens with the big bang. The name of Akshay Kumar in this movie is professor Aditya but the main enthusiasm in the movie is that he has a secret life in which he plays the vigilant Gabbar and starts terrorizing the officials of the government.

Gabbar and his gang kidnaps the officials in powerful position like Collectors, thesildars, cops etc and hangs the most corrupt in front of the public. Police finds this man as the rebel with the motive and is in search for him. In the meanwhile, Gabbar decides to punish the corrupt builder Patil Suman and the question is whether he will succeed in this mission or not.

We must have watched the hit movie Sholey I which Gabbar singh played such a sensational role which hardly any Indian will forget in the generations to come. Now, in this movie, Akshay Kumar with a bristly beard and ways hair is delivering some breathtaking dialogues like NAAM SE VILLIAN, KAAM SE HERO. The dialogues of Gabbar in Sholey were such a hit that the soundtracks of the movie were even after many years of the release of the film.

The bone breaking action of the movie is worth seeing and the story truly carries the intensity of the flesh. Gabbar has glamour too and one is charmed by the soft appeal of Shruti Hassan. Every scene from the movie is quite entertaining and there is no doubt that one is getting the full output for the movie ticket purchased.