Exploring Best of Dwarka in Its Ancient Temples

dwarka temple

Dwarka is one of the most revered holy cities in India. It is the home of lord Krishna as it is believed that the city was established by the lord himself. Being a sacred city brings large number of devotees and tourists to the city. The good thing is there are plenty of places to visit in Dwarka and other intangible allures of it.

Dwarakadheesh Temple

Dwarka, has always find prominence as being one of the most holiest cities in India. It is considered to be the city of lord Krishna, an avatar of lord Vishnu, and is believed to the be the city that is the route to the union of a being with Brahma (all empowering lord). The city is one of the ancient cities in India and is seen with immense significance by the Hindus. The city is mentioned as one among the Saptanpuris and Chardhams, which are basically the most holiest cities in the entire nation. Dwarka also finds mention in several Hindu religion scriptures and mythologies, including Mahabharata and Bhagwad Geeta. According to these ancient scriptures the Dwarka city at least dates back to the 1500 BC. Also once labelled as the Golden City, the city of Dwarka is said to be built 6 times before, for the fact that it got fallen, primarily submerged 6 times. The current city that we see today is said to be the seventh attempt of rebuilding the holy city.

In search of the ancient submerged city, there had been several deep-sea explorations that begun since 1930. As a result of the continuous attempts many discoveries of the submerged township were made. The found submerged city matched in multiple layout as described in the holy texts and scriptures of Hindu mythology.

Even the city that we see today as Dwaraka is beautiful and is no less in terms of reverence and significance. As mentioned above the city is the passageway for one’s union to the almighty. The word Dwarka is made up of two words Dwar meaning Door and Ka meaning Brahma. The city is of utter importance to the Vishuvates and Shivates. There exists a magnificent temple called Jagat Mandir, where abide an idol of lord Krishna, popularly called as Dwarkadhish. Plus, there also exists another revered temple known as Nageshwar Jyotirlinga, where is implanted one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of lord Shiva. Both of these form the major constituents of places to visit in Dwarka.

Dwarka, being an important religious site, is home to number of temples, shrines, and places that earn some religious reverence. Each year, thousands throng to the city seeking religious sanity, offer homage to the lord, and pray for their well-being. While one visits the temples and other attractions of the city, a place that is better to check than missed is the Gopi Talav. The site is basically a small pond which is considered to be sacred and associated with lord Krishna.

The pond is enveloped by yellow colored sand which is in turn said to have religious significance, and that is why devotees use the sand as teeka on their forehead. There are several religious beliefs and legends around the pond. Of these, one popular legends goes with the story that site is the place where lord Krishna set 16,000 princesses free from the hands of Bhaumasura, a demon who forcefully locked the princesses inside his palace. Lord Krishna released the princesses (gopies) by killing the demon, as an act of saving them. It is also how the place derived its name.

Today, the Gopi Talav is one of the most visited places in the city. Being a site with high reverence the place is also a major landmark. It is easily accessible, as one can find buses and auto-rickshaws going towards it. Besides, there are couple of good Dwarka hotels also offering transportation services to the place.