Top 10 Best Hindi Bollywood Movies of Salman Khan Ever

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Salman khan has no need of introduction not only in Indian cinema but in whole the world also. Whenever anyone discuss about the name of most attractive Bollywood actor or most eligible bachelor then name of Salman khan comes first in our mind. There are so many memorable films in which he did wonderful acting and we can’t forget them in our whole life also. He is the son of Salim khan and his mother Helena was also very popular actress as well as dancer also. Find below the name of best films of Salman with star cast and details about the films also.

1 – PyarKiya to DarnaKya –

It is the really unforgettable film of Indian Cinema youngsters started focusing on body building after watching this film because first time he did dance after removing shirt from his body. This way attracted the youth a lot towards building the muscular body. Kajol was the co actress in the film and he tried by doing every positive effort to convince her elder brother to marry with her.

2 –Ektha tiger –

It is the recently released movie and both Salman and Katrina did really awesome acting to make audience happy and there was combination of every genre like comedy, action, romance and suspense also. Katrina kaif was the co actress in the film and they were agents from different country and finally felt in love with each other. To make marry in love they went against their country wise rules etc.

3 –Hardiljopyarkarega –

It was the very amazing triangle love story and in this movie he wanted to become singing superstar and suddenly felt in this triangle love story but after so many efforts he got success in finding his love. There were so many popular co-stars in the film like Preetizinta, Rani mukharjee and shatishkaushik also who made it awesome.

4 – Kick –

It is the most recently released film of Salman and songs were really entertaining and we got the chance to see his fantastic dance also. In the film he did role of thief who do robbery for help the needy children or peoples and police of many countries was running behind him but police never caught him because they are unable to do it. Jack Fernandez was the co actress in this film and she helped a lot in whole story.

5 – Bodyguard –

It was among super hit films of him and this film has given really positive and U turn to his filmy career also. Kareenakapoor was the co-star of his in the film, he was the body guard of her but suddenly she felt in love with him but he still unaware with her love. God helped him a lot in the story because after so many years suddenly he knew about her love toward him and they started living with each other because after asking of Raj Babbar who was the father of actress. All the songs of this movie are still on the mouth of every Indian or those who like to watch Indian cinema.

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