Start Including 30 These Trigger Words In Your Online Content To Improve Your Viewership

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In manufacturing a product, there are separate teams for production and marketing, simply because these are two individual domains that cannot be done equally well by an individual in most cases. But unfortunately, the same is not true when marketing the online content, mostly in the form of blogs, articles, product reviews and press releases. Here, the author has to do the hard work of even marketing the write-ups.

Incidentally, product reviews and press releases get a substantially higher readership than blogs and articles. A closer look at the difference in the structure and content of such write-ups can reveal the facts to a certain extent, but they are more elaborately discussed as we go ahead.

Using trigger words

Often, the content writers have keywords to write a product review. The same may not be true for a blog or article. This is the most major difference- in order to attract readers online, you have to use keywords, or in other words, trigger words. These are the words that are most commonly used to search for various products and services on Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other popular search engines. How they differ from keywords is that the keywords are specific to a particular brand or product while trigger words are less specific and more common in their usage.


A Few Examples of Trigger Words

The very first example is to add a proper noun, probably the name of the product, its brand or manufacturer, in your blog. If it is a general blog, try mentioning a few brand names related to the subject, and your number of hits on the page goes up. Plainly speaking, internet users try with these names while searching, and hence, including them in your content will make them end up on your landing page more number of times!

Use of affirmative words in “Yes” and “No” helps in increasing the viewership. They help the search engines pick out your blog more often and also higher up in SEO rankings, thereby increasing the possibility of greater viewership! Attention grabbing words like “You” and “We” also do the trick sometimes. A very good way is to use the word “because” in the content; this tone of reasoning helps in getting higher viewership as well.

How to Ascertain Important Trigger Words?

Which trigger words work better than others and to what extent is a function of the internet vocabulary of individuals- it depends entirely upon the habit of using (or not using) certain words excessively! Words like “new”, “discover” and “unlock” are some that infuse curiosity among the readers which can in turn get them interested in blogs. Bargain words like “free” and other attractive ones like “amazing”, “everything”, “easy” and “proven” are some more of the initiating words. One can also make use of the sense of dependency like “guarantee”, solution words like “the”, quality words like “premium” and low obligation ones like “No obligation” in the content to get more of viewership. It is difficult to ascertain them and SEO marketing companies busy in continual online research can only get a hand on them on a daily basis!