14 Highly Effective Tips to Enhance Traffic to Your Website

increase website traffic

Are you struggling to get your website moving in spite of the much attractive features in it? Is it that the number of visitors on your website is not meeting your expectations?

Making an attractive website is not all that you need to do in order to enhance web traffic; there are millions of websites existent today. What you need to do is increase the visibility of your website across various platforms so that the internet users get to know about you more!

How to increase traffic on your website? Try a few of these at once:-

  • Share articles on social networks

Create a web page in the website to have blogs and articles about the product or service that you deal in, and circulate the links for each of them on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Your friends and followers can get the backlink and land on your web page using the same. They can even share them downstream to have more visitors from their friends’ list and acquaintances.

  • Videos on YouTube

A very good way to spread the word about your website is to post videos related to the products or services on YouTube. It is the most popular TV channel watched online and will help gain a lot of popularity among the net users. But the video must be made professionally in an attractive way.

  • Post as SlideShares

Most of the internet users hardly have time for reading articles; they prefer a shorter and crisper way to learn. Why not convert your articles into presentations and upload them to your website as well as on social networks? This will boost the internet viewership by miles leading to an increased traffic on your website.

  • Add Share Buttons To Your WordPress And Blogspot Articles

WordPress and BlogSpot articles often go unnoticed unless one tries to popularize them across various reading platforms. In order to do it in an easier manner, add share buttons to the links that are from your WordPress and BlogSpot articles. This will help increase viewership as the people looking at them can use the share buttons to visit them as well as to share them further downstream.

  • Guest Posts help In A Great Manner

Guest Posts on relevant websites of bigger brands are very helpful. They are among the newer techniques of internet marketing. Choose a brand catering to the same product or service as yours, and submit guest posts therein. These guest posts get enriched with relevant backlinks.

Being a bigger brand name, the website is sure to attract n number of internet users on to its blogging platform, from where they can get your backlinks to land onto your web page. This has been found to be a very effective way to increase web traffic.

  • Start Writing A Blog Of Your Own

This helps a lot for a new user with internet marketing. Prepare an interesting blog and submit relevant articles and blogs therein regularly. Make them interesting with the help of attractive images.

  • Post In Linkedin Groups

Among all the networking platforms, LinkedIn is a special one since it is a professional networking platform rather than a mere social one. Here, chances of finding out like-minded experts are much more than on FB and Twitter.

Post on LinkedIn groups that have a lot of experts dealing with the same kind of products or services. This will not only help you enhance web visibility and hence traffic; it will also enhance the chance of meeting resource persons in the same trade.

  • Join LinkedIn Pulse

This is an option that exposes your posts to a greater number of people worldwide on LinkedIn. Join the movement and see the difference in web traffic within a few days.

  • Google+ Is A Good Way To Move Ahead

Google+ communities are very useful in sharing a buzz word. If you want to get your website the much-needed push for traffic online, share the details and links of articles on Google+ to break the ice faster.

  • Use Resource Persons Carefully

An interesting way to boost the online traffic is to mention the name of influential people in your post, and contact them later over email or on their social networks with the link of the article or blog. They may re-share it on their further networks if they like it!

  • Keep Republishing

It is not that if you did not get a good response on an older post or article, you should get demotivated! In fact, keep republishing all the web contents from time to time over all the shared social and professional networks. Repeated republishing will draw the attention of many than you can think of. However, keep a time lag between consequent republishing of the same article; instead, jumble up many articles for republishing one by one over a short period of time.

  • Offer Free Products

Offering something free over the internet can again boost the online traffic to a great extent. Like in retailing, free things sell well even on the internet. Anything free will attract a number of visitors to enquire than you can ever think of!

  • Comment On Similar Blogs

Do not expect others to read your blogs and review them frequently if you are not doing the same! So, find out the blogs that are relevant to your service or product and comment, suggest or review them. This can help in growing your network all the more.

  • Free Online Courses

Online courses are selling like hot cakes over the last few years. They provide an easy, flexible, quick and cost effective way to learn newer things. Offer free online courses related to your product or service and that might help in improving the online traffic back to your mother website over a period of time.

Try out some of these tried and tested processes and see the difference- your online traffic is bound to go up if you try most of these things sincerely.