How Important Have Headings Tags Grown In Today’s World Of SEO Marketing?

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SEO helps in increasing online viewership of a web content, but only keywords cannot make it up for a website. There need to be greater skills and tactics required for the tough competition, and heading tags play a greater role than before too!
The SEO scenario is getting competitive day by day. With more of e-commerce and online marketing, SEO is emerging as a sharper tool to crack the unseen potential market among the internet users. In order to make easier inroads through SEO, one thus has to be very sure about the tactics that go behind how a search engine works.

How Search Engines Identify And Rank Webpages

The search engines like Google, Yahoo!,Bing and others follow a particular way to find out the websites relevant to the keywords and ranking them. Although they differ marginally in their approaches, they broadly have a similar way to go about it.

First, they try to find out the relevance of the web contents to the keywords used for the search. There are focus keywords as well as primary, secondary and tertiary words. Then, there are the headings that are used for the web contents. These headings help in categorizing the web pages by the search engines. The subheadings also matter a lot- especially in giving the internet users a peek into what it contains.

Earlier, the keywords used to play the most important role in this process. The search engines used the keywords in picking up the web pages and ranking them. The placement of keywords played a vital role in it too. While the focus keyword must be placed within the heading, the primary, secondary and tertiary keywords should also be strategically placed accordingly. Thus, too many numbers of keywords actually downgrade the quality of the webpage. One has to hence ensure the placements of the keywords more importantly than their quantities all over the web content.

Besides the keywords, now the headings are also getting more and more important. Strategically, they help in classifying the web pages as well as increasing specific and purposeful viewership.

How Can Heading Tags Be Strategically Important?
Heading tags are essential in search engine rankings simply because they are often used to categorize and classify against the relevance. The heading should contain the focus keyword in question. The subheadings should go lower in the hierarchy of importance and view- the boldness of the fonts must decrease gradually. Also, none of the subheadings should contain the keywords except the primary keyword. They also should not include the focus keyword as well. This will only degrade the quality of the web page, adversely affecting the ranking as well.

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However, the headings should also not be absolutely irrelevant; the content in the heading must be closely related to the subject of the web page. Each of them should also not be too lengthy neither too short. An ideal heading is about 60-80 characters in length, and not a sentence but a phrase. It also should not have too much of punctuation, and more importantly, it should be crispy, attractive and to the point.
There are web pages that contain too many of heading tags. The optimum number of heading tags is dependent on the length of the content. For a 500 word content, there can be 3-4 heading tags, and the same can increase for every 200-300 words extended.